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About Our Services

By selecting HML recruiting services, you will receive exceptional service. We recruit for your open positions seven days per week - days, evenings and weekends.

HML Professional Resources, Inc.

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Contingency Fee

The recruiting fee is charged to you upon candidate's date of hire. There are many variables involved in providing you with a fee for my services. Therefore, the fee is largely based on the nature of the position and on your budgetary compliance. Two options are

  • Percentage Based Fee: Percentage of Candidate's First Year Salary (not bonus)
  • Flat Fee: Fixed Fee

Recruiting Methods Used - to Find Both Passive and Active Candidates

  • Cold calling
  • Referrals
  • Advertising 
  • Access to Job Boards


For each qualified candidate submitted, you will receive:

  • Candidate Profile / Pre-screening
  • Resume or CV
  • License Verification
  • Interview Scheduling Assistance
  • Detailed Professional Reference Checks made upon request during interview process or upon offer (your choice) 
  • Offer Letter Presentation to Candidate
  • Follow-up with Candidate after date of hire


If the employee voluntarily leaves, or is discharged by the Client within 60 days from the date of employement or contract work commences for reason other than corporate restructure, HML Professional Resources, Inc. will make every effort to provide a suitable replacement applicant within 30 days or fees are fully refundable to the client.